Tehubertroll1118 IS A FRAUD!

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42] tehubertroll1118: Hey dude
[09:42] tehubertroll1118: I got a new video
[09:42] tehubertroll1118: It’s kinda sad
[09:45] g L y T o N: WAT DO YOU WANT?
[09:45] tehubertroll1118: Whoa dude chill
[09:45] tehubertroll1118: I got a new video up
[09:45] tehubertroll1118: You shold check it out
[09:46] g L y T o N: Copied me?

[09:46] tehubertroll1118: It’s kinda sad
[09:46] tehubertroll1118: I quit Club penguin
[09:46] g L y T o N: “Quitting Club Penguin”
[09:46] g L y T o N: Another one that I made
[09:46] tehubertroll1118: No
[09:46] tehubertroll1118: Dude why are you so hatful?
[09:47] g L y T o N: Sigh
[09:47] g L y T o N: Look at the release date on the videos
[09:47] tehubertroll1118: You didn’t answer my question
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: Why
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: are
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: you
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: so
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: hatful
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: ?
[09:48] g L y T o N: Your claining to be thunderpenguin, right?
[09:48] tehubertroll1118: Yes sir
[09:49] g L y T o N: Ok, then how come thunderpenguin’s bog has a link that says: My youtube. It likes to Glyton’s youtube.
[09:49] g L y T o N: Not tehubertrol118.
[09:49] tehubertroll1118: Because I though we were friends
[09:50] g L y T o N: What do you mean?
[09:50] tehubertroll1118: I gave you some Publicity
[09:50] tehubertroll1118: Because we are friends
[09:51] g L y T o N: Are you friends with thunderpenguin.
[09:51] g L y T o N: Yes or no
[09:51] tehubertroll1118: Yup
[09:52] g L y T o N: Beccause a moment ago you said you were thunderpenguin
[09:52] tehubertroll1118: I am
[09:52] g L y T o N: Hang on
[09:54] g L y T o N: Im making a new post saying you are a FRAUD



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I am very annoyed. This blog is not on ANY GAME!!!!!!!!!!

This is a general blog. Why dont you guys call me a jerk. Stay away from my site if you have a problem and MAKE YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did I quit?
Mabie I dont like it anymore?

Mabie disney have ruined it?


Go to http://www.ebgames.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=71929 for proof that they actually are selling them and go to the post I made before they made the game here: https://thunderpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/nindendo-ds-and-disney-dont-mix/

Stay away from my site if you have a problem.


Protected: Club Penguin

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Quitting CP

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This weeks Stuff

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The big Mid-evil age party broke out. Here’s were 2 clothing items are for members and non members.

Magic Hat:

Old Age Suit:


Catalog Secrets:

Gift Catalog:

<u>hair catalog<u>

House Catalog


Finaly, I took some pics of me just fooling around, featuring:

Josepman’s Current Fashon:

And LOL pics:

Rockhoppers HQ

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Well I found it! wait, I wana say something, Thunderpenguin said i can be the author who does cp, so i guess the search is over! Ok, so i was looking around, and i went to the bottem of the Migrator, in search for the key to the HQ. I found there was a not on the door. I read it. I figured out the riddle. I had to go to the bookroom! So i waddled over, you know *waddle* *waddle* *waddle*

And i went to the bookroom. I looked at the bookshelf,

Ok, i read over the riddle again, and it said the key was in something sacred to him. HIS JOURNAL! So i searched threw the journal and at the VERY end of the book was…


So i clicked on it, and i took it. Also, you can wear it as a pin!

Now, if you go to the door to the HQ, there is not lock or note, and u can go in!

Here’s what it looks like,

You can play a VERY fun game called treasure hunt. Sadly, Rockhopper announced, he is departing Tomorrow ( May 5th). 😦 So go and do it quick! And, you can probably get the key even after he leaves, but still, go and get the key and look at the HQ before he leaves at midnight!

Help on thunderpenguin site

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Email penguin.of.the.week@gmail.com if you want to help out on my site. Please state your experence